Daily Archives: May 28, 2017

Lockwood Water & Sewer may delay sewer rate increases

LOCKWOOD — Lockwood water and sewer customers in Phase 2 of the sewer district will probably get a one or two year reprieve in the system development fee (SDF) increase that is being proposed by the Lockwood Water and Sewer District (LWSD) board. Following a public hearing on the proposed rates and SDF increases, members of the board decided to wait until their next meeting on June 14, to further discuss a possible amendment that emerged from the public comments Tuesday evening.

It was primarily the system development fee increases about which most of the 40 some people who attended the hearing seemed most concerned. It was pointed out that property owners in Phase 2 have had very little time to connect to the sewer and it seemed unfair to already increase the cost that is associated with doing so. SDFs are charged when a new property connects to the system.

It was also pointed out that it would perhaps be a detriment to the district to do something that would discourage and delay hookups, since having as many hook ups as soon as possible, is important to the financial success of Phase 2.

Over the past year, Raftelis Financial Consultants has been conducting a rate study for LWSD. Andrew Rheem of Raftelis presented the read more