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Obituary: Lloyd J. Perkins

Lloyd Perkins met Jesus Christ face to face on Nov. 29, 2017, when he left his earthly home for the last time at Highgate Senior Living in Billings, MT.
Lloyd was born in Sheridan, WY, on Oct. 7, 1925, to Wright C. and Elva E. Perkins. Wright homesteaded 10 miles from Clearmont, WY, where Lloyd started school. They later leased a farm at Kaycee. Lloyd graduated eighth grade in Buffalo, and attended high school in Buffalo and Clearmont.
Lloyd was a true patriot and went to Denver to sign up for the United States Maritime Service following the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. He did basic training at Santa Catalina Island. He was known as “Big Perk” since there also was a “Little Perk.” Due to his aptitudes, he was directed to Gallups Island Radio School in Boston, where he obtained his FCC Radio License. He graduated with a warrant read more