Rob Quist, Greg Gianforte chosen for U.S. House race

Republican nominee Greg Gianforte addresses attendees on Monday Mar. 6th in Helena. (Brad Molnar photo)

Democrat nominee Rob Quist addresses attendees on Sunday March 5th in Helena. (Brad Molnar photo)

HELENA — Republicans and Democrats meeting in nominating conventions in Helena have selected their candidates to replace Ryan Zinke in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Democrat Rob Quist of Creston and Republican Greg Gianforte of Bozeman will appear on the ballot in the May 25 special election. Both are political newcomers who have not held a statewide elected office. Libertarians are scheduled to select a candidate this weekend.

In the final round of voting on Sunday, Quist defeated state Sen. Amanda Curtis of Butte.

Gianforte won sufficient votes in the first round of voting on Monday. Ken Miller of Laurel came in second. He congratulated and endorsed Gianforte, saying Montanans “must unite behind Greg in keeping our Congressional seat in Republican hands. This election is crucial to the future of our country.”

Zinke was named Secretary of the Interior Department on March 1, leaving an open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, where Montana has only one representative.

For a eyewitness account of both nominating conventions, please see opinion column by Brad Molnar on page 7 of the print edition of Yellowstone County News.