Newspaper coming late??

UPDATE: The Post office did confirm that there was a glitch in the system and it was basically a one-off situation.  We were assured the process did not change and that the problem would not happen again like this.  Thank you to our Billings readers and subscribers for your patience this week in getting your paper.   

The Yellowstone County News is flooded with calls to our office in response to getting their newspaper late from last week.  Jonathan McNiven, Publisher of the Yellowstone County News, said that we are currently working on the issue and trying to figure out why the Post office has changed the process.  The Yellowstone County News newspaper has always been delivered to the Billings Post Office each Thursday around noon where the majority of papers are being delivered in mailboxes on the next day Friday generally.

We will keep you posted on the process once we get a response from the Billings Post Office Plant Manager Paul Rowe.