Paid parking at MetraPark to continue

Originally published in the 6/30/17 print edition of YCN.

BILLINGS — Paid parking at Metra Park events is likely to become more common, according to Steve Solberg, president of the MetraPark Advisory Board.

Expansion of the available paid parking for the Garth Brooks concerts proved to be very well received and was a plus for Metra Park’s bottom line at a time that the county-owned facility needs to be finding alternative revenue sources.

MetraPark Assistant Manager Sue DeVries reported that people very much appreciated the option. They expanded paid parking at the request of patrons who wanted some guarantee that they would have parking, she said. It was especially helpful for out-of-town people who were uncertain about what awaited them, and for people managing small groups. About 30 or 40 percent involved of those who took advantage of the option had some level of disability.

The paid parking netted MetraPark $33,000 it would not otherwise have had.

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