5.8 magnitude Montana earthquake felt in Billings

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 rattled residents of Western Montana Thursday morning about 12:30 AM with after shocks persisting afterwards being felt many hundreds of miles away.  As many residents were sleeping, the earthquake startled enough residents to the point that many posted to Facebook online to see if others felt the same thing.

The epicenter of the earthquake occurred just south of Lincoln, Montana, originating at the depth of about 3 miles underground, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Residents of Billings, Laurel, Lockwood and Yellowstone County lit up Facebook with questions asking if others felt the same thing, referring to small tremors.  As many did not know exactly if they were feeling the same thing, came to a general consensus that an earthquake had just happened.

Residents in Lincoln received the blunt of the earthquake but many residents across Montana and surrounding areas felt the after shocks.

No major damage has been reported as of Thursday morning after initial reports were gathered once day-light appeared.  As earthquake occurred in Western, Montana; residents in Yellowstone County still reported that it was enough to wake them from sleeping.

More details will be included in the Yellowstone County News print edition as we have already gone to press this week.  Stay tuned to Yellowstone County News for up to date news.