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Huntley Project High School drama team wins first state championship!

The Huntley Project High School drama team won the state Class B drama tournament on Saturday. HP hosted the State B-C Tournament, which included 337 competitors from 47 schools. The photo includes students who competed in drama, speech and debate events. Top row, left to right: Coach Josh Morse, Coach Rachel Pekah, Coach Becky Nay. Fourth row, left to right: Molly Pazoff, Ann Killen, Mazati McCormick, Kip LePage, Adyn Kust, Taylor Sheldon, Kylan Mills-Low. Third row, left to right: Tanner Steorts, Tanner Geiss, Manager Dustin Erb, Lisa Hilbrig, Sierra Stevens, Shayla Arbogast, Manager Tamerah Lee, Holly Rogers. Second row, left to right: Rylee Nay, Reegan Tigner, Payton Tigner, Kasey Jones, Emily Ley, Bailey Chaffin, Kyle Schaff, Ashley Weigum. First row, left to right: Kati Darity, Andi Crane, Peyton Thornburgh, Tyler Schaff, James Flanagan, Colton Hawkins, Alli Combs, Becka Bolerjack. Not pictured: Audrey Hampton, Conner Morse, Maddy Gallegos and Alex Bauer. (photo courtesy of Billie Schaff)

Worden — Talk about a home court advantage. The Huntley Project High School drama team members used their school over the weekend to take them to their first State Class B championship.

Huntley Project Schools hosted the Class B-C state tournaments for speech and drama on Friday and Saturday. The event drew 337 competitors from 47 schools.

Three HP students were individual champions.

Senior Andi Crane won the Memorized Public Address category, performing a Ted Talk by Maysoon Zayid. In this performance, Crane impersonated Zayid, a comic and actress with cerebral palsy.

Tyler Schaff and Peyton Thornburgh won the Classical Duo category, performing a humorous skit by George S. Kauffman, “If Men Played Cards as Women Do.” Each performed the parts of two different characters gathering at one’s home for a card game.

The drama team had won the divisional tournament at Shepherd the week before. The speech team, runners-up at divisionals, placed fifth at state.

“I’m just extremely proud of them,” Coach Becky Nay told the Huntley Project student body at a school assembly Wednesday morning, when the trophies were presented. Members of the speech and drama team carried into the gym every trophy they received during the season, which started read more