cropped-YCN-logo-with-tagline-wtih-300-width.jpgYellowstone County News has been publishing a weekly print newspaper since 1976. Our primary area we serve is the Yellowstone County, Montana area (Lockwood, Huntley Project, Billings, Shepherd and surrounding areas).  Our weekly paper publishes weekly news from the local area.

We offer a variety of advertising options for your new and existing business whether in the weekly newspaper or online.

Call us today at the local office at 406-348-2650 for placing your ad or if you have any questions regarding our weekly publication.

Click here for Advertising rates in Newspaper. 


Our classified ads that are published in the Yellowstone County News are 0.35 cents per word (minimum of $7/wk).  The actual classifieds page with all the classified ads is published in our paper as well as uploaded to all our 3 community websites as well as the Yellowstone County News website.  As a valued added service, our online access gets more eyes on your jobs, careers, sales, items and postings, etc.


We have legal ads that we print in our paper.  They include legal public meeting notices, Name changes, estates and estate sales, name changes of minors, sales, auctions, foreclosures, storage unit sales, and more. Our legal rates are very competitive as we charge $13.95 per folio (100 words) on the first publication and $11.95 for each folio (100 words) in additional consecutive publication submissions. Call our office at 406-348-2650 for any questions.  As we are the least expensive in the county, email your legal ads to and we’ll confirm that we received it that same say.

(The Yellowstone County News currently holds the contract to publish all legal advertisements for the City of Billings, including Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, Notice of Meetings, Special Improvement District Notices, Meeting Cancellations, Etc.) 


Types of web ads available. Banners, text links, sponsored articles, webpages, etc.

Also, contact Jonathan 406-672-5941 to include your business information on our associated community websites below. (in the initial stage)  (in the initial stage) (in the initial stage)

Newspaper Display RackNewspaper Racks & Dispensers

We also have 20 newspaper dispensers through out the Billings/Lockwood area that we sell our papers from.  We have one advertising location at the bottom of each newspaper dispenser that we can place your ad.

Our publication can also be purchased in Walmart, Albertsons, Lockwood IGA, Huntley ExpressWay, Project Merc in Worden, any Shipton’s stores as we are able to reach out to many potential readers and locals that will see/read about your entity and/or service in our paper.