Yellowstone County News offers Full Online version of print edition

HUNTLEY — Readers of the Yellowstone County News can now subscribe online and choose to receive the paper by mail and/or on the Internet.

The newspaper has unveiled a new subscription feature on its website, www.yellowstonecountynews.com, that will allow people to subscribe and pay online and log in to read the paper each week through a username and specific password associated with their subscription.

Readers will be able to access the Yellowstone County News from anywhere in the world. An online or mail subscription for a Yellowstone County reader costs $34; a subscription to both services costs $39.

Advertisers will also be able to choose whether to purchase advertising for the print edition, the online edition, or both.

The current edition will be available by Friday mornings, and editions from 2016 are available in the archives section for online subscribers.

To subscribe, please visit our subscription login page or call the local office in Huntley at 348-2650.

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