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Reporters – Staff – Contributors

Evelyn Pyburn – Evelyn covers the weekly County Commissioner’s meetings. She also covers the Lockwood monthly meetings and other economic meetings in the greater Yellowstone County area.

Judy Killen – Judy is our in-house reporter that covers the local school board meetings and stories that are generated in the office.  She also covers the Huntley Project School board meetings, Worden-Ballantine Water and Sewer District Meetings, Huntley Project Museum board meetings, Huntley Project Irrigation District Meetings, and the Huntley Water District meetings and news.

Carl Wolf – Carl Wolf provides a weekly column in the Yellowstone County News entitled “The Outdoors”. His consistent column talks about the outdoors and almost anything in it, including people, places, seasons, and any other jabs he can include for the editor.

Tracy Kern- Tracy is the Production Manager that puts together the paper as well as builds ads that we place in our local newspaper and many Statewide papers throughout the state, whether it is display ads or classified ads.  

Norma McNiven – Norma provides reporting for the Shepherd School District Board meetings each month.  She also proofs pages that are published in the Yellowstone County News print edition.

Marg Ostermiller- Marg completes our distribution of newspapers each Thursday.

Brad Molnar- Brad is one of our sales reps that also worked for the Billings Outpost before they went out of business and stopped printing newspapers in January 2016. Brad also provides an occasional column called Political Potpourri usually regarding something that is political.  Brad also has Statewide ads that are run in the Yellowstone County News that are also uploaded to 62 other newspapers within Montana.

Paul Patek- Paul is our sales rep for local ads and accounts that also run in the Yellowstone County News.  He also came to the Yellowstone County News when the Billings Outpost stopped printing newspapers in January 2016.

Krayton Kerns- Krayton provides a weekly conservative column that is printed each week in the Yellowstone County News.  Click here for an example of his column.


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