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Commissioners OK TEDD Master Plan’s planning, infrastructure approach

The yellow line in the illustration shows the intended route of the Billings Bypass, which could begin construction in 2019. (Courtesy image)

Originally published in the 12/1/17 print edition of Yellowstone County News.

LOCKWOOD — The Yellowstone County Commissioners on Tuesday approved the recently completed Master Plan for the Lockwood Targeted Economic Development District (TEDD) after a public hearing.

Planners under the direction of KLJ, have spent most of the past year developing a plan under which an industrial park will be developed in Lockwood through the taxing mechanism of a TEDD. The TEDD is a tax increment finance district in which future new tax revenues are applied to infrastructure development within the district boundaries. Highlights of the draft TEDD Master Plan were presented during the county commission meeting last week.

With the approval of the document by the Yellowstone County Commissioners, the next steps can be taken to develop the TEDD, which including appointing an Advisory Board and beginning an application process for grants to fund additional planning and development. read more

New mega fertilizer plant taking shape in Lockwood

Originally published in the 8/25/17 print edition of Yellowstone County News.  LOCKWOOD — The economics of unit trains and improving technology are making possible the building of a new mega fertilizer plant by Town & Country Supply Association near Lockwood. Construction … read more

County commissioners approve TEDD proposal

Published originally in the print edition of the Yellowstone County News.   LOCKWOOD — A proposed Targeted Economic Development District (TEDD) in Lockwood was finally approved just before Thanksgiving, by Yellowstone County Commissioners, following two years of research, study and … read more

Main Street: Boosting business on state’s busiest road

by Judy Killen-Originally published in the print edition of the Yellowstone County News Newspaper. BILLINGS — A wave of construction is transforming Main Street in the Billings Heights. New projects include an Altana Federal Credit Union near Wendy’s at 1280 … read more

Billings Bypass, becoming a reality soon

BILLINGS — It is really going to happen. Longtime residents of the Billings area have heard about the Billings Bypass for so many years that many no longer believe reports that it is finally going to be built — but … read more

Proposed Lockwood roundabouts rile business owners

by Evelyn Pyburn-Originally published in the Yellowstone County News.  LOCKWOOD — Proposed designs for roundabouts at the Johnson Lane Interchange and how they could impact Lockwood’s truck traffic was the primary topic of discussion at the Lockwood Business Group (LBG) meeting … read more