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Carl Wolf, The Outdoors Section

Magic bullet for the outdoors? The U.S. Army looking for a biodegradable bullet to cut down on current rounds that can corrode and pollute soil and water. Stipulation is new ammo contain seeds that produce food for animals without any ill effects. Army already has embedded seeds into biodegradable material that flowers months later.

Some 46.7 million people participated in bird watching (birding) in our nation recently. It looks like next to pets, we spend a lot of time and money on critters, including wild ones. My memory recalls a time when as a tall person I would stand at the back of a birdwatching group trying to see and hear the leader explain how to identify a bird. At home in my frustration I complained to wife Jeanette who simply said, “why don’t you just be an expert?” I did that and next time out as “the expert” in front of the group I would point out a bird and ask folks to call out what they saw.

As information was uttered from under everyone’s upheld binoculars, I would quickly and secretly consult my bird field guide and soon had the bird identified. With a confident voice the identity of the bird was stated, and I was now considered an read more