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Lockwood Irrigation battles ‘green slime’


Sago Pond Weed is forcing the closure of the Lockwood irrigation system beginning Aug. 1. The slimy green plant chokes off water supply channels. (Courtesy photo)

Originally published in the 7/21/17 print edition.

LOCKWOOD — “It’s a banner year for green slime.”

So declares Carl Peters, manager of the Lockwood Irrigation District, in making the announcement this week about the closing of the irrigation canals to kill the plant growth more accurately called Sago Pond Weed. Irrigation water will be shut off from Aug. 1-7 to allow the weed to dry out, which kills it.

The “slime” thrives on sunlight and water, said Peters, and it’s been thriving very well this year, “because of the  … Read full story by subscribing to the Yellowstone County News online or in print.