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Two suspects arrested, stolen car totaled, case linked to other local thefts & robberies

Published early due to continued crime in the local area.  This story also published fully in the Yellowstone County News 10-27-17 print edition.

Bryce Adams

Bryce Adams

SHEPHERD — Two men are in jail after they allegedly broke into a Huntley area home, crashed their getaway car, ran from the scene and forced law enforcement officers to search for them in Shepherd.

Bryce Leconte Adams and Mark Alexander Stief, both 20 years old, were arrested late Monday afternoon after fleeing from sheriff’s deputies through Huntley to the Shepherd area, prompting a manhunt that lasted several hours.

Mark Stief

Mark Stief

After deputies and the Montana Highway Patrol went door to door, the men were arrested after someone called in a report of “a couple of suspicious people walking in the area,” said Sheriff Mike Linder.

They were charged Tuesday in Yellowstone County Justice Court. Adams is charged with felony bail jumping, burglary, theft and failure to appear. Bond is set at $35,000.

Stief is charged with burglary, theft and failure to appear. His bond is set at $41,000.

The men allegedly broke into a home on Bald Eagle Boulevard west of Huntley.

Two burglars, who rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home in broad daylight, were eventually captured due to a doorbell alert app called ring.com. This picture also captures the stolen car belonging to Duane Hanson of Huntley that was stolen on Oct. 6th. This picture linked the suspects to the car and other recent burglaries.

Homeowner Sarah Moyer said she was at work when she received an alert from a cell phone app that someone was ringing her doorbell. She started watching the security video.  (See video here) read more

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