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Candidate responses printed incorrectly

The special edition of the Yellowstone County News Candidate Questionnaire has gone to press this week 9/30/16.  However, one candidate’s answers were printed in place of another candidates.

Yellowstone County News inadvertently printed Democrat Sue Olson’s responses in place of Republican Sue Vinton’s responses.

We are terribly sorry for the misprint of that magnitude in our paper.  We will be reprinting her responses in the paper next week with the correction.

In the meantime, we have printed the correct responses for the House District 56 race here as well as the online websites of www.lockwoodmontana.com, and www.huntleyproject.net as voters in that district live within Huntley, Lockwood, and Briarwood areas.

We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Below are the correct responses for the Candidates in House District 56.  Read all about the other candidate’s responses in this week’s print read more