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Weekly Ramblings – Digital Thermometers

Originally published in the print edition of Yellowstone County News in the 2/17/17 issue.

Krayton Kerns, Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor. publishes a weekly column in the Yellowstone County News print edition.

If there was a vet school lecture on assessing health by nasal palpations, I slept through it. When a client informs me their dog, cow, cat or horse can or cannot be running a fever because “his nose is wet,” or “his nose is dry,” I quickly steer my examination to the rear end of the critter. The true indicator of body temperature lies under the tail. The rectal thermometer is a great diagnostic tool applicable to all animal species as well as politics, which is why I mention it here.

With all major news outlets mostly promoting fake news, social media has become society’s rectal thermometer. Facebook and Twitter may not be pretty, but they reflect the health of our American culture to those discerning enough to sort fictitious posts from reality. Last week, I read a truthful meme which progressive cyber-monitors immediately scrubbed. The anonymous author summed up today’s boisterous political scene in a single sentence and here it is:

“The Democrats haven’t been this mad since the Republicans freed their slaves.” Read that again. Republicans both freed the slaves and later battled the Democrats, who resisted civil rights legislation, yet today’s hate-filled progressives hysterically scream that Republicans are racist. If you lift the tail of Facebook and take a reading, it is obvious progressives are spiking a huge fever.

For example, Dawn is an ex-teacher and friend who read more