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Republican lawmakers deliver on Republican values, Op Ed

Originally published in the print 5/5/17 edition of Yellowstone County News. 

By: Senate and House Majority Leadership (Senate: President Scott Sales, Majority Leader Fred Thomas, Pro Tem Bob Keenan; House: Speaker Austin Knudsen, Majority Leader Ron Ehli, Pro Tem Greg Hertz)

As the 2017 legislative session has come to an end, we want to make sure that Montanans have a clear view of what’s happened the past few months in Helena. The mission of the Senate and House Republicans from Day One has been to help create more opportunities for all Montanans by making our state a better place to work, live and do business. Government should work in service to the people, not the other way around. In large part, this means fighting against policies that increase taxes, grow government and take from the citizens of Montana.

When the legislators arrived in January, we were faced with a read more