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Lockwood High School vote coming in November for residents

Originally published in the print edition of Yellowstone County News on 6/16/17. 

The proposition for a Lockwood High School will be a three-vote process.

The first of those votes will be held in November of this year, to approve the expansion of the Lockwood School District to a K-12 district. The Lockwood School Board approved a resolution on Tuesday, to request that the Yellowstone County Superintendent of Schools call for an election of voters within the district to determine if a majority support expanding the school to include high school grades.

Chad Hanson, chairman of the Lockwood Community Education Committee, was present to inform the board about community support for a new high school that was demonstrated at a public meeting on May 18, and to ask the board to pass a resolution calling for an election to expand the district.

About 80 people attended that public meeting, said Hanson, of which 58 responded to a survey on whether they wanted a high school in Lockwood. Of those responding, 100 percent said they supported the construction of a high school in Lockwood and almost 97 percent said that they preferred to expand the Lockwood district rather than “working with School District 2 to build a high school in Lockwood under their control.”

The Lockwood Board members previously declared that they wanted the community to take the lead in advancing a new high school. Chairman Tim Sather asked Hanson if they had the support that will be needed to inform the public about the issue, because they want to make sure the proposition passes, since if it fails it cannot be brought back for another five years. Hanson replied that to date, they have 28 volunteers willing to help campaign for the issue and they are ready to begin. read more

Former trustee Teresa Stroebe to return to Lockwood School Board

by Evelyn Pyburn-Originally published in the Yellowstone County News 8/19/16 print edition LOCKWOOD — After interviewing two applicants to fill a vacant position on the Lockwood School Board, the board selected former board member Teresa Stroebe to fill the position. … read more