Shepherd School Celebrates

Some 850 Shepherd students and teachers gather in the high school gym to pose for a picture and to thank the Shepherd community for their support of the mill levy bond that passed the day before. Here, students make hand gestures in the form of a heart sign, while others celebrate with their hands high up in the air while encompassing the school mascot logo in the middle of the gym. A short video of the students shouting “Thank you Shepherd, We are Shepherd” will be posted on the Yellowstone County News website as well as the Shepherd Community website www.shepherdmontana.com. Where’s your kid, grandkid or friend? (Jonathan McNiven Photo)

The $11.9 million bond to see the Shepherd School reinvigorated officially passed on the night of the 10th, promising the much-needed funding to build on to the current campus and repair existing structures. read more

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