Erecting the symbol of success for Lockwood

The first element of the new Lockwood High School that observers will see rise from the earth will be the walls of the auditorium. That will happen the third week in May, according to Joe Clark of Langlas Construction. Clark was among several of the building team and school administrators who met with Lockwood citizens in the Middle School commons on Tuesday evening to update the public on the progress of construction which was stated a month ago.

Pictured here is the CTE Building which will accommodate classes for the first Freshman class next year – eighth graders who will graduate this Friday. The wall on the right is part of the first section of the main high school building to be erected. Construction is progressing “smoothly” reported Nick Pancheau of Collaborative Design. As soon as classes end this week the number of workers on the construction site every day will increase to more than 80. The Administration Building will be razed in about a week. Temporary headquarters for administration will be in the Elementary Building near Head Start. (photo by Evelyn Pyburn)

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