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County ravaged by falling sky ice balls

The storm clouds looked ominous Sunday evening as they quickly rolled into Yellowstone County, bringing with them a torrent of rain, winds up to 70 miles per hour, and crushing hail up to three inches in diameter in some areas. At first it seemed like the storm would skirt around the city and leave the area intact. Unfortunately, the winds changed, and the storm hurled towards the Billings metropolitan area at breakneck speed.

Hailstones, much larger than golf balls, hammered the area.

Corn stocks are broken and bent over, as shown here from Dan Vogel’s 900 acres of corn fields in Worden, from the severe hail storm that struck the area on Sunday afternoon. Vogel said the “feed value will be far inferior this year than normal” due to the severe and extreme hail damage. (Jonathan McNiven Photo)

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